Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bloom Triple Coupon Loot!

Bloom triple coupons loot! ;) Three trips...

Trips 1 & 2: spent 14.28 saved 90.08
Trip 3: spent 2.88 saved 42.63!!!
I took one other trip late Sunday and spent 18.34 saved 41.58 got things such as: hamburger meat, turkey meat, ocean spray juice, cream of wheat, broccoli, potatoes, sour cream, suave shampoo, 5 boxes of frosted flakes!
In case you are wondering, the things that I have mulitples of (like the frosted flakes and sauces) I share those with my family/friends b/c they gave me overage...meaning with the coupon, I got money BACK for taking the item off the shelf! ;) Yahoooooooooooooooo! How exciting! I love this game!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Discovery Place with Aunt LaLa!

Hannah called up Aunt LaLa on Saturday and wanted her to "go somewhere with her". Laura said yes, of course, and we decided to go to Discovery Place! They had a Circus! Display and then we always love to see the animals/fish. It was super crowded and Hannah was a bit overwhelmed, but we all had a great time! Check out me on the pulley!!! 5 mos pregnant and I can still lift my weight! LOL!

"Peep Show" ....

Look at Mommy!!!!!!! :)


Dress up time!

Touching the sea creatures!

We saw Nemo and Dorie!

Touching the "twister"

Jessie and Hannah....

We have had Jessie, our German shepherd for over 8 years. We brought her in for the harsh temperatures of the winter. Soon she will be demoted again to her pin outside and her warm shed. Hannah is now extremely attached to Jessie (our "German Girl") lol... She has been saying things like "I just love Jessie so MUCH!" "I want to keep her for every day!" "She's so SWEET!" All while lovin and hugging on that patient dog! haha! I have tried to take some more pix of her with her so that she will have some memories to keep forever of her first dog.

How do you save so much money??? MULTIPLE COUPONS!

Well, I have mentioned that is THE place to learn about saving money and using coupons, and more! I now have at least a small stockpile of a variety of items in my house! And I start to panic when it gets low! LOL! :)

Here's why using multiple coupons is an important strategy to saving money: mutiplies the savings for items you buy, lets you build a stockpile, lets you maximize store sales, keeps you from paying full price when you can buy at the best possible price.

Tools to get you there include the Coupon Database at Hotcouponworld:
Use it to search, trade, and manage your own coupon inventory.
Target Generator:
Save paper, ink, and clipping time generating multiples of target instore coupons. Remember, instore coupons can be combined with manufacturer's coupons for additional savings.

Here's another link to this week's discussion about Target deals! Jump on in!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Survey Sites that Pay!

Want to make some extra money by completing surveys?

Hotcouponworld compiled 19 survey sites that are : legit, pay out, little or no spam, good way to earn extra money.

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Grandmother's 90th Bday party!

Mary Alexander, my grandmother, turned 90 Feb.3rd 2009! Its really neat too b/c my birthday is always the day before hers so we have always celebrated together! :) How fun! We got to see lots of relatives that we haven't seen in a long while and had a blast helping Grandmother celebrate! And I must say, I hope I have your healthy, long living genes!!!

(doesnt she look great for 90?!)

Organic Grocery Deals!

If you're like me, you love the deals and you have a hard time finding deals on fruits, veggies or organics.....your prob. is solved! ;) Go to: to find some incredible deals!!!!! Go green on a budget. Forum includes: gardening, eating in season, organic and natural product information, coupon trading, green living tips, book recommendations, organic news, deals, more. Get help and ideas for going green in a relaxing (read - non-judgemental) environment. Go check it out!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009 Valentine's Contest!

Alot of you have heard me talk of my coupon excursions and deals. Most of my "heads up" about these deals come from! Its free to join and loaded with most every store's weekly deals!

Right now there is a GREAT contest going on for Valentine's Day! Go sign up and then enter the contest to win a 50.00 gift from you REALLY want for Valentines Day!

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