Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Yep folks, Charlotte got some snow today! Around our house we had about 2 inches! Just enough to play in! ;) Hannah and I had a blast playing and then taking what Hannah called a "hot chocolate break". We also made the traditional snow cream...which I am suprised that more people dont know about! What a fun snow day!

Hannah making snow cream!
My "snow angel"

hot chocolate break

catching snowflakes!

Making snow angels!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Its a ............


We had an inkling that this lil booger was different than Hannah so far...but wow! A boy! ;)

All three of us got to go to the Ultrasound and it was such a neat experience! The US tech did such a great job of taking her time and also not rushing and letting us have a few extra peeks at HIM! ;) (im still getting used to saying HIM!) haha!

Hannah was shocked I think that it was a boy b/c she has been saying its a girl all along. But she then turned to Jon in a very serious and calm way and said "His name can be David". Soooo strange! Jon's middle name is David, but I dont think that Hannah knows that (unless she's heard me yell at him..but I try not to do tht in front of her! LOL) and she doesn't really know any Davids! Too funny but also soooo cool! We may just have to bring David in there somewhere for sure now!

Im including some pix of the big day and you will see there's no denying...its a BOY!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tumbling class

Hannah had her first tumbling class, with her friend Sydney at the YMCA today! The parents weren't supposed to stay and watch but I got these couple of pics before class started. She said she had a fun time and that she did rolls and cartwheels! I will try to sneak behind in the workout room next time to take a few more pics and watch them! haha!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Its Magic"

Hannah has been asking so many questions about the baby! It is too cute. My favorite comment now is "Mommy, you swallowed the baby". I say, "No I didnt Hannah" and she immediately replies "Well then how did it get stuck in your belly?" Are you laughing out loud yet? So our answer to that for a 3 year old.... "Its magic"....

I had to take Hannah to this regular checkup with my OB. I was quite scared about her behavior, but I also knew that she has been infatuated with listening to her our hearts lately. SOOO, I told her that we were going to let her listent to the baby's heart! She was very excited. During the appointment, she stood on the lil footstool and watched intently as they put the "bad lotion" (as she says) on my belly and then we heard the lil booger! :) It still ran away from us and we had to move the doppler several times to get a full heartbeat long enough to listen to. Haha! Like I said, Lil BOOGER!

Im 17 weeks and next week (on the 13th) is our next Ultrasound! We will find out the sex of the baby! We can't wait!