Thursday, December 31, 2009

Precious Moments of Christmas Magic...

This year was super fun to watch Hannah visit Santa with her new baby brother! Her big item was a Hello Kitty Toaster. Laura's boyfriend Nick got it for her and it was a happy day! He sure knew how to win her over! We really loved having two for Santa to spoil this year and watch their eyes glow with all the magic of Christmas. Hannah also really started to "get" what Christmas is REALLY about....the birth of Jesus. How special! Here are a few of our special moments of magic captured in time gettting ready for the holidays.

Visiting Santa with baby brother Ethan

"You'd better be good for goodness sake!"

The girls at "Santa's Bag" buying gifts

Hannah decorating the tree

Ethan checking out the tree

Making cookies with Aunt Laura

Hannah's gingerbread house that she made during G'bread house day with friends!

Ethan 6 mos. old!

Our lil Ethan Alexander is 6 mos. old! I can't believe how time flies but I have so enjoyed every single moment with this sweetheart! He is such a good baby and loves to be held and talked to. He also loves LOVES his big sister and watches her every move! ;) ha! Uh oh!
He already has such a great personality and it is a joy to watch him learn every day. He is beginning to sit up and DUG right in to his solid foods. Our little man!


Blessings ABOUND! We spent Turkey Day with our family at my grandmothers house. It was great to have the family all there to be thankful for all of the awesome things that God has given to us!