Thursday, August 28, 2008

Orientation day at MorningStar PRESCHOOL for our "big girl"

Our big girl is ready to leave for Preschool! ;( sniff sniff!

playdough time!

already found a baby to go shoppin with!

Look at that CURL! ;) Oh, and she noticed there was a "hippo" in the bunch of animals.... "hey mommy, there's a hippo in here. Hippos don't live on the farm!!!" haha! It was sooo cute!

SOMETIMES a girly girl! ;)

my new friends...

My teachers!

SNIFF SNIFF! Mommy is really torn up about her lil big girl going to preschool....but Hannah is really excited! Looking forward to a great year!
(oh and mommy's looking forward to actually doing grocery shopping and AM errands by herself too! haha!)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hannah's drawings!



Hannah in her "normal attire" (aka princess dress) doing some art!

My first "person" drawing!

More summer pics...

Irish Festival....of course we wanted to listen to some awesome Irish music and be reminded of our heritage. Hannah had a blast dancing and we even ran into her friend Caydence and family!

Irish girls!

Dancin with my "irish girl" doll of course!

Ya think Im irish? ;)

Caydence and Hannah dance to the Irish Music! ;)