Thursday, August 28, 2008

Orientation day at MorningStar PRESCHOOL for our "big girl"

Our big girl is ready to leave for Preschool! ;( sniff sniff!

playdough time!

already found a baby to go shoppin with!

Look at that CURL! ;) Oh, and she noticed there was a "hippo" in the bunch of animals.... "hey mommy, there's a hippo in here. Hippos don't live on the farm!!!" haha! It was sooo cute!

SOMETIMES a girly girl! ;)

my new friends...

My teachers!

SNIFF SNIFF! Mommy is really torn up about her lil big girl going to preschool....but Hannah is really excited! Looking forward to a great year!
(oh and mommy's looking forward to actually doing grocery shopping and AM errands by herself too! haha!)

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