Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas with Dad

As usual, we have Christmas with Dad after the holidays are really over for everyone else. Soooo my Christmas tree stays up and lit, as well as the rest of my decorations. I love it really. I think I'd keep them up all of January if I really could. It just makes me so happy. Jon offered to help take the decorations down a couple of days after but said that he knew how much "i loved the tree and decorations". I said yes, but taking down the decorations actually made me sad. :(  
A great visit with Dad and a BIG thanks for the Wii! We all love it! But Hannah is the Wii master around here, of course. Ha ha! Here is a video of her playing Wii boxing. So funny! Enjoy!

Here are a few more pix from the visit: 
Grampa and Hannah playing Wii Baseball!

 Aunt La La playing Wii...

 Ethan wearing (and walking around in) Aunt La La's shoes.