Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Some summer videos...

Hula-hoop contest at the beginning of summer pool party! She is awesome, what can I say! Takes after her mother in her hooping skills. ha!

My sweet lil boy...tried to sneak up on him while he was "supposed to be sleeping". I got caught at the end. LOL....I just wanted to remember what it sounded like while he was playing on his own. Lots of imagination these days!!

Hannah dancin...enjoy!

Summer highlights...

I have fallen behind on my posts! (Shocker!) But here is an attempt to catch you up on our summer events in a picture montage!They are most certainly not in order and I may add some more later as I find them :) Enjoy!!!
Sleeping in and snuggling time! 

Merry Go Round fun!
 Puddle walkin!

Cousin time with Cate!

Ethan is all boy!

Fourth of July in Franklin! Fireworks!

Being silly!

Mimi brought us hats from Dallas!

 Mommy did the Electric Run with her awesome bestie Ashleigh!

Reptile Adventures at the Library

Hannah, my artist, had so much fun drawing and creating this summer!

We had construction on our street...the boys were lovin it!

Fun dressing up Jessie. 

Sidewalk chalk!

 Parking lot with ABC's for Ethan, made by mommy!

 Camping out (in the pouring rain) at Papas house.

Mimi joined us for "Dress like a Cow Day at Chick-fil-a!
Roller skating with Mommy

 Fishing with Ty, Eli and Mrs. Tina 

 Spraygrounds at the park with the Reeder boys
Bike riding...

 Cardboard house makin...

 New pet fishies..."Wave" and "Blue"...update Wave met his maker :( 

Soccer camp at the YMCA!

Pool fun!

 Movies and Krispy Kreme with Colton, Brylie and Mrs. Stefani

American Girl Doll Camp with Madelynn, Hannah's bestie

 Chickfila, sundaes!!!!

Found out Hannah is allergic to horses....sad day for her but a day she enjoyed up until the allergies kicked in. Poor girl!

 More gymnastics for my flexible crazy girl!
 Ethan's 4th Birthday!

Most fun toy of the summer for Ethan...besides his trucks/tractors of course...

 Spend the night with Maddy and Kalli

Beach with Grampa


Someone was sleepy on the ride!

Yay Beach!

Cool dudes!
Surfer Girl...

Love this pic...Lil Brother watching Big Sis hit the waves...

My sweet water babies!
Big sis Hannah helps out lil bro Ethan on the board. Love it.

Beautiful surfer girl. She loves the water! Fearless!

Woah! Ethan giggles and giggles when waves come to him!

My beach babes posing for the annual pic at the pier of Dockside Restaurant, Calabash, NC

In the tree at Calabash! (Another traditional pic for us!)

The Williams Family at Calabash Dockside dock. 

Kids with Grampa

Beach bums!

Hannah and Grampa braving the waves..
Steph and Jon enjoying some vacay!

Love this girl!


Beach all day, putt-putt, dinners out, and trail mix! What fun! Thanks Grampa and LaLa for the great vacation!