Thursday, July 22, 2010


Saturday, July 17, 2010


Hannah loves to play with bubbles. She always has, even when she was a wee one she would ask to do bubbles at our house, at Mimi's house, whoever she could sucker into doing it. The bubbles are beautiful, but SHE, MY HANNAH, is more beautiful than any shiny iridescent bubble floating in the air!

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Dear Aunt Beth...

Dear Aunt Beth, thanks for the bday presents! Cool clothes, however you really could have just given me the box!Ha! xoxo, Ethan

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hickory Grove 4th of July Parade 2010!

This year was the year of the FANCY PANTS Brigade!!! Hannah and some of her friends were in the parade and went all out with their decorations! (as you can see!) Caydence, Aiden and Emmy all paraded down Hickory Grove Rd. in all their glory! Hannah won the "Fancy Pants" trophy for being the most patriotic...we couldn't have done it without Mrs. Sarah's beautiful tutu! :) Thanks Sarah! Caydence and Hannah should have been able to share a prize!

Fireworks & Friends...

Fireworks and Friends...what more could you ask for?! We spent July 3rd AND 4th this year being IN parades, eating yummy food, and visiting with family and friends!

New photography skillzzzz :)

I am LOVING my new SONY DSLR camera. I tell you folks, I will NEVER get another professional pic of my kids unless it involves us all as a family! You will see why when you see the pictures I have taken below. I am just absolutely in love. :) These pictures are a part of a wedding but this montage focuses on the lil girlie friends. This is Hannah and Sydney. They have been best friends for more than two years, and when you are only 4, thats a LONG time!  Enjoy looking at these fun photos.  The first and last pic aslo includes Sydney's lil sister Mylie.