Thursday, April 30, 2009

A New Favorite Blog to watch for good deals!

The Good Deal Gal Blog is GREAT for finding deals and she will send you updates on the weekly deals at stores such as Target, drug stores, grocery stores and internet freebies (good ones, not the ones that are really advertisements and dont follow through!)

Go to:

Right now there's a great contest to enter to earn really good coupons! Go to:

Harris Teeter Triples are BACK for a week! Yay!

Here's my first two Harris Teeter Triple coupon runs for the WEEK of triples! Details below the pic! ;) I can't wait to go get more!!! Im just running out of room to put all of it! haha!

This is missing the two (VERY HEAVY) 24 pks of Deer Park Water that was also included in these totals. I also recieved two 3.00 off any chicken/meat purchase that printed from buying all of the taco mix....anyone want some? ;) LOL

TOTAL SO FAR: (stay tuned for more trips!)

Spent 9.42 out of pocket on first trip, saved 60.25Spent 9.56 on second trip and saved 59.20TOTAL out of Pocket: 18.98 SAVED...............119.45!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Easter 2009

Hannah really enjoyed dying easter eggs this year. Mommy, Daddy and Hannah each made one with their name/initial and then we made one for "Jr", whatever his name will be! LOL!
We enjoyed Easter Sunday in our pretty dresses, lunch at my aunts house and another Easter Egg Hunt!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hannah's Big Sister Tour

Hannah is officially ready to be a big sister! ;) No, really! She has the certificate to prove it! ;) She had her Presby Sibling Tour last night and had a blast learning about little brothers and sisters. They talked about how they would cry alot and they couldn't talk when they needed something. They learned how they were going to be Mommy and Daddy's helpers, but not to handle the baby by themselves. As you see below, they even got a baby doll and learned how to diaper a baby!
At the end they were all called up to get their Big Sister/Big Brother certificates. Hannah was so proud!
The class was too cute and she is so excited! Now, to wait on June! ha! ha!

Spring pix...

So here are Hannah's Spring pictures from Preschool. She was being coy that day.Her teachers said she was trying her best NOT to smile! What a lil booger! Haha! Smiling or not, they were too cute not to share....