Thursday, April 30, 2009

Harris Teeter Triples are BACK for a week! Yay!

Here's my first two Harris Teeter Triple coupon runs for the WEEK of triples! Details below the pic! ;) I can't wait to go get more!!! Im just running out of room to put all of it! haha!

This is missing the two (VERY HEAVY) 24 pks of Deer Park Water that was also included in these totals. I also recieved two 3.00 off any chicken/meat purchase that printed from buying all of the taco mix....anyone want some? ;) LOL

TOTAL SO FAR: (stay tuned for more trips!)

Spent 9.42 out of pocket on first trip, saved 60.25Spent 9.56 on second trip and saved 59.20TOTAL out of Pocket: 18.98 SAVED...............119.45!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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