Monday, June 27, 2011

Scenic Views Summer 2011

Pretty proud of my photography! ;) 


DAY ONE (Sat. P.M.)
Mimi walking down the beach with Ethan. He is a little unsure at first every time, but soon loves to go to the "pool", as he calls it. :)

Hannah-"lil surfer girl"

Beach Bum!

Silly girl!

Mimi and G'kids playin in the sand

Ethan finally takin a stroll down to the water with no fear....

Ethan having fun in the waves.....laughing and saying "WHEEE!" and "Wave"


DAY TWO: (our first full day)
Mimi and Ethan ready to go!

What a sweet pic right? All holding hands with Mimi!

Ahhhhhhhhh relaxin!

Ethan and Daddy get a chance to play in the water!

Hannah flying her Strawberry Shortcake kite! Atta girl!

If anyone calls, I am unavailable....I have WORK TO DO! ha!- Ethan

Saturday, June 18, 2011

CHOO-CHOO Ethan's TWO Party!

Ethan had his 2nd birthday party today at Dan Nicholas Park. If you haven't been to this amazing park in Salisbury, NC you should go! What a fun day! 
First visiting, eating (and that includes what Ethan calls "Ceeke"!) , and opening presents! 

Then we went to have fun on the rides. First up, line up for the TRAIN!!!!! CHOO CHOO!

Next the beautiful carosel!

Time to say BYE BYE everyone! Thanks so much for sharing our special day!

Friday, June 17, 2011

To our sweet baby....we love you...

My Angel Baby

~author unknown

"I never got to see your eyes,
or hold your hand, or hear your cries.
All I have are dreams of you,
those of which, will never come true.
My heart sank the day that I knew,
I would never get to meet you.
I had made plans, and had aspirations,
if only I had a little more patience.
I never thought the Lord would take you
away from me so soon.
But, I'll never forget that dismal day,
around two in the afternoon.
The day I knew something was not right,
and through many tears I would have to fight.
Now, all I do is dream every night,
about what life would have been like.
What if you really had been born?
But all we have a dreams of that,
and all we can do is mourn.
We will not mourn for you though,
because we know you'r e where you need to be,
even though it isn't here with me.
You are my angel baby because God wanted you with Him.
Now, forever with his angels, His praises you will sing.
None of my dreams for you will ever come true,
because of that day God chose to take you.
But, my angel baby you will always be,
in my heart forever, forever a part of me."

Monday, June 13, 2011

Swim Lessons Summer Session 1:YMCA

Working on extending each arm....with kickboard.

Diving Sticks! Hannah's favorite! (can you tell?!) 

Swimming in the 4 ft. without any floats!

Working on floating on her back....