Saturday, June 13, 2009

Updated Nursery Pic...Nesting Nesting...

We still want to put some things on the wall, like his name for instance (which we STILL have not decided But here's where I recovered the rocker. It really added alot! And ignore the stacks of clean baby laundry that will soon be replaced with loads and loads of DIRTY laundry! haha!
Im still waitin on this baby boy. Im trying to be patient, but Im so ready for him to be out of ME and into my arms. :) Can't wait!

Swimming day!

We had a swim day at Aunt La-La's pool! Hannah is right back in gear with her swimming (even though we've been on hiatus from swimming lessons for quite some time). She jumped right in, went under, and went under, and went under again! No tears! Just laughs. She loves swimming with freedom with her "swimmies" on and just kicks herself around the pool! My lil fishie!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Newest pic of Baby Boy Williams...

....still to yet to be "named". Poor lil boy! haha! We just finally decided (I think) that we will have to see him to name him from the choices we have..OR we will come up with something new if he doesnt "look" like any of those names. LOL!
This was the last ultrasound to determine his size before he was born. The estimate was 7 lbs 1 oz. I would LOVE it if this is really true! I may actually be able to deliver him this time instead of a c-section! Thats what Im aiming for anyway.
Here's really the only pic that was 1/2way recognizable. He's so stuffed in there he was hard to see! (a side view of his head, laying down, looking up) you think he has a head full of hair, or is that a shadow?? ;)


Fun in the sun with can't get much better than that! friends went to the Nevin Spraygrounds today for some water play!

G'nastics Recital!

Hannah and Sydney's "G'nastics" (aka:tumbling) recital! They did such a great job! We were all very proud of our lil monkeys! :)

Pretty girls!