Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Tricks and Treats!

This year our little Trick-Or-Treaters were going back in time....ready for the Sock Hop!
Hannah was a "Poodle-skirt Girl", as she called it, and Ethan was a "Greaser". ;) Mommy and Daddy dressed up too. Will share pictures off of Mimi's camera when we can! Mimi went with us and was a red M&M ;)

We went around gathering candy from our new neighbors in our new neighborhood! What a better way to meet everyone! We met quite a few nice people along the way. We only had one mishap, our Greaser took a tumble and got a nasty knot on his noggin, but he was a trooper. It only took him about one house to then start saying "E Hurry, E get more candy!" haha. I love it! Boy doesn't take them long to learn about that one does it?

Here are some pictures of our fun night!