Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hickory Grove Presbyterian Church Christmas Pageant

We have been visiting the church I grew up in, Hickory Grove Presbyterian. Its a church that you know that you can always call home. My grandmother, my kids great-grandmother, is still an active member. We love that we can come to church and worship with her every Sunday. Not to mention that its right down the street!  Anyway, Hannah has fallen right in and made some new friends and loves seeing others she already knows. 
This year she also practiced very hard every Sunday for a very special Christmas Pageant. They were all ornaments. Hannah and some of the smaller kiddos that didnt have speaking parts were "Souvenier" Ornaments, which meant they could choose whichever costume they wanted! ....What does this mean for Hannah and several girls?! PRINCESS TIME! ;) Yet another use for the costume! Love it! They all did a SUPER job and were excellent singers. Very special memories made for them and us!

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