Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Morning!!!!!!!!!!

The Loot!

Such excitement! Peeking through the stairs to see what Santa brought!

Running to see the presents! I love these pictures. ;) 

Hannah with her "American Girl Horse". She really didn't ask for many specific things this year, but this was one of them.. You will see some of the others below.

Of course Ethan just wanted to play with his Choo Choo's all day. 

(Hannah below, with one of the FEW things she really asked for...."fuzzy kitty socks"....
she just had to have them after seeing them at Walmart one day. Too funny!)

Mario Kart for the Wii

Ethan and his CHOO-CHOO's!!!

(The other "must have" from Hannah's Santa List....a stuffed Rudolph....she is one unique little girl and I love her!)

Had such a GREAT time in our new house on Christmas morning! Thanks Santa! ;)

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