Friday, September 30, 2011

First Day(s) of Kindergarten

Hannah had a "staggered entry" into kindergarten, which meant that they went into the classroom (not necessarily hers) with a small group of her friends, that may or may NOT be in her class. They were assessed with things such as counting and reading words, etc. Then in a few days we were alerted as to which teacher she would have for the year. They like to do this so that classrooms are evenly divided upon ability, race, behavior, etc. SOOO Hannah had two first days! Here are a few pics from her first day of staggered entry:

(Ethan wanted to be in kindergarten too!)

Hannah was super excited for her first day in Ms. Seid's Classroom! She chose the uniform she wanted to wear and had her matching backpack and lunchbox. Was mommy prepared? Sigh....not for seeing my baby girl walk down the sidewalk to kindergarten. I held it together though, and she didn't shed one tear. She's growing up so fast!

She has had a wonderful experience at Socrates so far. She's learned some colors in Greek! And she knows how to spell her name in Greek too! How cool is that?! Her favorite thing so far is Fridays...she can wear jeans if she brings 1.00 to the school fund, she has free centers and its treasure box day! TGIF!

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