Saturday, August 20, 2011

Open House at Socrates Academy.....Kindergarten!

Oh my.....

Is it THAT time already? I was putting off thinking about it, even after buying school supplies!  But, alas, Hannah will be going to Kindergarten in a matter of days. I CAN'T believe it!

Yesterday was Open House. We got to go see all the K classrooms. She won't know who her teacher is until after her first day of assessments so they can divide the classes equally btwn levels of achievement, race, behavior, etc.  Makes sense....  Anyway, next Monday will be the first REAL day of school.  She will be attending Socrates Academy, a charter school here in Charlotte. We are very pleased she got in through a lottery program. Our luck had to come around some time! haha!

Here are a few pictures I captured of Open House! (**She was acting so shy!!!)

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