Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ethan in a BIG BOY BED!

Well, sadly and happily, I put my boy in his "Big Boy Bed" last night. This is an awesome bed by the way, it is from Ikea and is extendable! The headboard and footboards fold down and become a twin bed! ;) Or just unfold one and it is just a longer kid bed! Neat right? Anyway, we went through the normal nightly routine of getting our blankies and rocking while saying goodnight to everyone and everything :

Night Night Mommy, Night Night Daddy...Night Night Hannah....Night Night Beff (his aunt Beth), Night Night La-La (his other aunt)....Night Night Mimi...Night Night GG....Night Night Mylie...Night Night "Ineee" (Sydney)...Night Night Jessie...Night Night Choo-Choo...Night Night Car, Blue Car...etc etc... **There are some not mentioned here b/c he will not even try to say things that he cannot say as Grampa, Gramma, Jeff, etc. But they are included b/c I say don't worry ya'll! ;)

After doing so, I layed him down and said our I love you's and did our kisses....I walked out of the room and voila! It was DONE! That easy! He went to bed around 8:30 and slept till 9:30 today! I couldn't believe it. Well,maybe I could b/c my Ethan has always been "Easy Baby E". What a sweet sweet boy! Good job Ethan. Mommy is proud of you, but also a lil sad you are growing up so fast!

Here are some pics!

He couldn't wait to get into the bed! 
He kept on getting in and saying "Night Night" even though it wasn't quite time for bed! 

So proud!

 Mommy's first glance last night... ;)

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