Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Welcome Addy ("Addymae")!

Welcome little Addysyn Reese Leak! 
10 lbs 3 oz of LOVE born on July 29 2011
Congrats to my best friend Heather, her husband Kenny, and her other two sweet girls Syd and Mylie!
Isn't she gorgeous? 
 aka: "Addymae" to Steph....I know, its silly, but its just stuck for me! Hope SHE doesn't mind ;) ha!
 Look at the hair! ;)
 Mommy talkin to sweet Addy in the NICU

 She LOVES having her head rubbed. Can you tell?! So funny! I love it!
Thank you Heather and family for letting me share in the joy of her arrival and for letting me hold her while she was in the NICU. It means more than you know. After losing a baby not too long ago, it was just what I needed after some healing time went by. To see the love, the sweetness, the JOY of a new baby in your life was amazing. I am looking forward to seeing Addymae grow up and loving on her along the way. You sure are lucky Addy, to have so many people that love you!
Love you all!!!! ~Stephanie

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